Fig Marketing

Our Mission

Financial Independence Group (FIG) is driven by a framework of shared beliefs whose principles guide behavior and have become the blueprint of how business is conducted. Our emphasis is on people more than product. We have built a foundation based upon the core values of ethical standards, a commitment to excellence, respect for individuals, investment in our people and accountability in order to provide you with award winning customer service and tailored business and marketing support.

The main objective has been the same since FIG’s beginning: under-promise and over-deliver.

40 Years of Commitment to Excellence
Successful leadership produces results. Never is this truer than at FIG. Through years of working directly in the insurance industry, William H. Cain had the vision to support financial advisors throughout their practice while also creating streamlined communication from the carrier to an independent agent. With this vision, Financial Independence Group, Inc. was born in 1976.

FIG Marketing is currently working in 50 states with office locations in North Carolina and Arizona, allowing connections with advisors in every market. Emphasizing integrity, accountability, results and value, FIG has represented some of the most comprehensive, competitive and financially stable insurance companies in the industry for almost forty years.